CDF Reader Class

To begin accessing the data within a CDF file, first create a new CDF class. This can be done with the following commands

>>> import cdflib
>>> cdf_file = cdflib.CDF('/path/to/cdf_file.cdf')

Then, you can call various functions on the variable.

For example:

>>> x = cdf_file.varget("NameOfVariable", startrec = 0, endrec = 150)

This command will return all data inside of the variable Variable1, from records 0 to 150.

cdflib Package


xarray_to_cdf(xarray_dataset, file_name[, ...])

This function converts XArray Dataset objects into CDF files.

cdf_to_xarray(filename[, to_datetime, ...])

This function converts CDF files into XArray Dataset Objects.


CDF(path[, validate, string_encoding, ...])

Main CDF class.